Auction Terms

Auction Membership Registration

We provide Free Access to clients registered on our website for browsing vehicles available in Japanese Auto Auctions. Auction Membership Registration is FREE of cost. Sign up now & get access to more than 100,000 vehicles in stock at the Auctions.

Note: Your information is safe with us and it is only used for Invoices and documentation required for vehicle export. Client information is never disclosed to any other sources.
Membership Auctoin

Advance Deposit

An advance deposit is required before bidding any vehicle from the Auctions depending upon the price of the vehicle.

Car Price Desposit
Under JPY 1,000,000 JPY 50,000
JPY 1,010,000~1,500,000 JPY 100,000
JPY 1,510,000~2,000,000 JPY 150,000
JPY 2,010,000~2,500,000 JPY 200,000
Above 2,510,000 Please Contact Us
Deposit is refundable anytime before a successful bidding.
*Bank charges on both sides will be deducted.
Note :
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